• from$135.00

    Small Abalone Feather

  • from$225.00

    Small Abalone Feather and Ebony Feather Charm Necklace

  • from$125.00

    Small Ebony Feather Necklace

  • from$600.00

    Large Ebony Feather

  • from$750.00

    Large Abalone Feather Necklace

  • from$375.00

    Ebony Bone Necklace with Abalone Beads

  • from$280.00

    Medium Abalone Feather Necklace

  • $185.00

    Abalone Feather with Pendant

  • from$275.00

    Ebony Feather with Abalone Feather Charm Necklace

  • from$255.00

    Ebony Bones Necklace

  • from$285.00

    Ebony Three Prong Antler Necklace

  • from$260.00

    Antler Feather Necklace

  • from$180.00

    Abalone Pearl Necklace

  • from$85.00

    Single Abalone Pearl Necklace

  • $300.00

    Ebony Tattered Feather

  • $300.00

    Ebony Hawk Feather